Skimming Stones

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All I want is to reach the horizon
Where these skimming stones go on forever
For as they sink, I sink with them
Just to hold your hand right now
Would be all that I know

And I'll take you down
To the depths of my soul

I'd sink in that bliss, in that oneness
Lord I still don't really know how to love you
The way you love me...I don't feel worthy
And I envy the eyes of those who do

Lord I don't know, the way you love me.

And if I knew it then, somehow I'd remember
That trust, that openness, I will make true decisions
Walking straight ahead instead of following directions
Out of line to the left or right.
In the arms of a lover

In this endless starry night
I've done that all my life
These skimming stones decide
These skimming stones still lie...


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